Spa Pedicure

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Spa Pedicure

Spa Pedicure | Mona's Nail And Spa - Baldwin, NY

Your feet and toenails really take a beating. From tight shoes or unprotected sandals to long walks and even longer runs, your feet work hard! Surprisingly, studies have shown that nerve endings in our feet are connected to stress points and pain triggers throughout our bodies, so when your feet are hurting, the rest of you often hurts too.

Pedicures are a great way to take care of your feet, and relieve some of the stress on the rest of your body as well. From a nice soak and massage to a lovely polish change, a spa pedicure might be just what you need.

Mona’s Nail and spa in Baldwin, New York offers spa pedicure services that are sure to leave you relaxed, refreshed and feeling beautiful from the toes up. From our hot towel wraps and massages to our foot scrubs and fun polish colors, our spa pedicure services are the best in Baldwin!

Our spa pedicure services here at Mona’s Nail and spa include:

• Hot Towel Wraps
• Foot Massages
• Calf Massages
• Polish Changes
• French Pedicure
• American Pedicure
• Callus Treatments
• Paraffin Wax Treatments
• Basic Spa Pedicure
• Sea Salt Scrubs
• Sugar Scrubs
• Polish Removals
• Lavender Pedicures
• And that’s just to name a few!

You can always count on Mona’s Nail and spa for clean and sanitary spa pedicure services. We thoroughly sanitize all of our tools, chairs and tubs between each client so you can trust that your spa pedicure will be fresh just for you. Our spa pedicure technicians are especially trained in foot pressure point to relieve your tension and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Call Mona’s Nail and spa in Baldwin, New York today to book your spa pedicure!

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